The BDO Abacus Forum 2018 on "Digital Generation"

The BDO Abacus Forum 2018 on “Digital Generation”

BDO Abacus Forum 2018

Matthias Zurfluh opens the BDO Abacus Forum 2018

Matthias Zurfluh (CEO & Managing Partner Z-PUNKT CONSULTING GmbH) is a Keynote Speaker and participant of the panel dicsussion about “generation and digitalization” at the BDO Abacus Forum 2018.

Matthias Zurfluh opens the forum with his thoughts about the Digital Generation – are they millenial over-achievers and multitaskers or are they overrated but adaptive youngsters ?

Everyone thinks young people understand what’s new. But in reality, people overestimate Millenials. Including they themselves.
– Jovin Barrer, Digital Native,
translated from German

Z-PUNKT CONSULTING has had numerous mandates on the topic of Digitalization. They clearly show that the potential of Digitalization is enormous and that it is necessary for companies to start addressing this topic. Pushing it aside will have severe consequences: Innovation cycles get shorter, markets fuse, technology is getting cheaper, usability is getting more intuitive and opportunities broader. In addition, a generation of Digital Natives is entering the workforce where they encounter generations of so-called Digital Immigrants and their structures and processes. This poses a real challenge for established small and medium sized companies and their change management, especially because Digital Natives bring new strengths and challenges with them:

Some Strengths

  • No fear of digital gadgets
  • Relatively carefree trial & error mentality
  • Affinity for communication and exchange
  • Affinity for projects and collaboration

Some Challenges

  • Limited methodological competence both on the detail and big-picture levels
  • Shallow problem-solving depth
  • Low tolerance for frustration
  • Less knowledgeable about context and, frequently, lacking overal understanding of value creating processes and compliance

Z-PUNKT CONSULTING is excited that Matthias Zurfluh (CEO & Managing Partner) will be part of the concluding panel discussion with Claudio Hintermann, CEO Abacus Research AG, Martin Bühler, Leiter BDO Abacus Switzerland, and others.

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