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Listen to Our Partners in Chengdu & Pujiang:


Mr. Shi Yuehua, Director, Chengdu Economic and Information Committee:

“The FEH by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING helps us to find the right companies for a sustainable business relationship. The Certification is an indicator for us that the potential European Investors have a realistic chance to grow their business in China successfully.
On the other side, FEH’s excellent regional network in Chengdu, and their deep relationships with our Chinese culture, act as a warranty for European companies to find the right and reliable local support and connections.”

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Mr. Liu Gang, County Magistrate, The People’s Government of Pujiang County:

“The best way for European Companies to ramp up a plant in the Sino-German Business Park in Pujiang is through the FEH’s gateway. They know us, our strategic goals, our needs, our structure and culture. With their local experience and local staff they can accelerate local networking, planning, coordination and decisions.”
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