Business Park Portfolio

The FEH approach is simple but effective: Our direct cooperation with Business Parks allows us to match you with the ideal new location for your company. Thanks to our expanding regional and local networks, we can ensure that you find a suitable long-term location that takes into account your particular strengths.

China is enormous and incredibly diverse. Regions do not only differ by geographical location, climate, population, mentality, and language, they also differ by economic development, energy and labor costs, infrastructure and education, as well as market differentiation, industry sectors and suppliers. From this diversity spring regionally different starting points, which leads to markets with different risks and opportunities.
The FEH developed and maintains a database containing detailed quantitative and qualitative information about the Business Parks in our Portfolio. Pairing this database with our extensive network of officials, experts and investment services allows for quick and efficient match-making and rapid but sustainable market entry. Expanding through FEH also grants you access to exclusive subsidies and special conditions in local business parks.