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Whatever the organization, the challenges are many. Business IT landscapes having matured, blind spots, a need to restructure and rethink process, a surfeit or shortfall of staff or unevenly distributed skills and seniority. Each company also has theirs own strengths and weaknesses, and they configure locations and business units in different ways. They have their own culture and mindset. How each company handles the market and their actions in it over time impact the end result just as much as corporate strategy or management principles. Collectively, this is a key factor dictating the extent to which an organization can transform itself sustainably and steadily.

Potential & Training Requirements Analysis.

Strategy, Process & Organization Analysis.

Digitalization Benchmark & IT Evaluation.

Changeability & Change Impact Analysis.

Project Review & Risk Assessment.

Holistic 360° Monitoring & Data Analysis.

When it comes to our customers’ story, where they are, their team and how we add value, curiosity and respect are top of mind.

We favor a participatory approach. We want to be where the action is. In other words, at the front line and the sharp end, from construction sites to C-suite realms, blue collar to white collar or head office to branches. Our 360-degree analytical approach includes methods, tools and templates to pinpoint, benchmark and showcase precisely where our customers are NOW and their scope to transform. We then assess a range of options to solve content pain points, look at how they could be tangibly applied and compile the results into a viable roadmap with milestones.

Analysis. Consulting.


«Thanks to a precise analysis, the main challenges in organization and digitalization were correctly identified and the recommendations for ways to tackle these challenges brought our projects back on the right track.»

Cornelia Mächler
Director Real Estate, City of Zurich



What companies prioritize is creating value and their customers. Unsurprisingly, the insights, best practices and free resources that transformation projects tend to need are often lacking. The ball is always in the customers’ court and they’re the ones who have to find solutions. Outsiders can’t climb the mountain for you - but they can make it less daunting. External experts can bring experience, methods, tools and templates on board for the right input and impetus at the right time, ask the key questions and plan, steer and drive.

Strategy & Leadership Development.

IT-Implementation &​ Organizational Development. ​

Change Management & Process Reengineering.

Training & Coaching Concepts.

IT User Manual, Key User & Test Management.

Project & Steering Committee Coaching.

From start to finish, we tailor a pace and tempo that stretch you but get you to the summit - stronger and wiser.

Our best practices, methods, tools and templates for transformation projects are all you need to set out the red lines and roadmaps which make your projects feasible. We’re your script and soundtrack in other words. We propose agile but feasible ways to transform, aligned with our customers’ current REALITY, scope to change and goals. We plan and manage projects to keep everyone’s onboarding in sync with the project phases, work packages and milestones. Instead of blanket support for the project team and steering board, we provide it as and when needed to promote autonomy. We can’t run the marathon for our customer - but we’re an unbeatable pacemaker. From start to finish, we tailor a pace and tempo that stretch you but get you to the summit - stronger and wiser.

Project. Transformation.


«We were provided professional support for our digital transformation. The main success factors were the broad experience, the variety of templates, and the holistic view of IT/SAP and organization.»

Dr. Antje Wittig
Head Organizational Development, Beutlhauser Group


Training. Coaching.

Once the major investment budgets have been discussed, new departmental organigrams done, new processes outlined, licenses purchased and the new managerial principles drawn on a flip chart for senior management... that’s when you think it’s in the bag.

Leadership &​ Team Coaching​.

Role Model, Trust & Collaboration.

Agility, Change & Resilience.

Train-the-Trainer für IT & Organization​.

Tasks & Methods of Project Management.

Leading, Communicating & Inspiring.

Unfortunately, this may soon prove over-optimistic. So what’s the issue? Falling flat, despite top-tier strategies, consultants, management principles and IT solutions? Blame the disruptive and ever-unpredictable human factor. For transformation to happen, the people involved have to be allowed, willing and able. And that, in turn, depends on challenging and supporting them in a targeted way.

Training. Coaching.


«Great approach to leadership training and strategy implementation. It supports sustainable business development. My management team enjoyed our last session again.»

Andreas Graf

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