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    Walter Häcki,
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    «The customized MS-360 enables the measurement, monitoring & visualization of the progress of organizational health and the global strategy.»

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We strongly believe that our role as a consulting firm extends beyond the confines of the conference room. We aim to make our expertise accessible to professional audiences – for instance through publications or University Teaching. The following list contains a few highlights of that effort.

For your convenience, information was translated from German wherever possible. Please refer to German page for original titles and links to articles.


Digitalization – just a buzzword?
Digitalization – C-Level Titles, Foosball and seat cushions are not enough – Matthias Zurfluh in a conversation with economic journalist Hans-Jürgen Klesse (former editor of Wirtschaftswoche). Column consultingsearcher.com.
M. Zurfluh

Switzerland-China: Not only in Bern and Davos
Facts & Figures about TEDA – Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area. Blog entry about the visit of Mr Jia Shouyue, Vice Chairman of the TEDA commission at Z-PUNKT CONSULTING in Zürich
M. Zurfluh

Managing the Digital Transformation
People in focus: How to include digitally empancipated users in large projects through active change management. Key Note: Hotel Zürichberg
M. Zurfluh



Switzerland China – A marriage of convenience with potential
Even though Chinese Investments in Switzerland are often met with reservation, they also meet a need of many Swiss Legacy Companies. In: „ChinaContact – Das Aussenwirtschaftsmagazin. Nr. 12. Dezember 2016. S. 16-19
M. Zurfluh & B. Bieler

Practical Seminar Digitalization
The new roles of the workforce in digitalized world and the consequences for Change Management and Qualifications. Key Note: i2s practical seminar on “Digitalization – Buzz or Strategie? Perspectives for your company. Hotel Zürichberg
M. Zurfluh

New Silk Road – New Opportunities?
Expert Panel Asian Pacific Area Commerce (APAC). GLOBALCONNECT, Stuttgart
Bettina Bieler (Senior Manager FAR EAS HUB by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING), Dr. Sven-Michael Werner (Partner Bird & Bird), Robert Bechtloff (Koordinator DuniaNet sustainability experts) & weitere Experten

China – Opportunity or Risk?
European SME and the challenge «China». Opening Presentation Chinaforum Baden-Württemberg, GLOBALCONNECT, Stuttgart
M. Zurfluh

Russia’s new Industrial Politics
Perspective for German SMEs in comparison with China and Iran. Participation in expert dialogue.
Conference by Publisher OWC for foreign trade and the Schneider Group at the Hannover Messe.

Ulf Schneider (CEO OWC Publishing or foreign trade), Helge Masannek (Group Director Legal, Tax, Customs SCHNEIDER GROUP), Thomas Titsch (Direktor ERP / IT SCHNEIDER GROUP), Matthias Zurfluh (CEO FAR EAST HUB by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING) & more Experts

The economical region Chengdu in Western China
Potential, stumbling blocks and factors for success for SMEs when expanding to China. Key notes and practical reports.
„Economic Dialogue FAR EAST HUB (FEH)“. Hotel Grand Elysée, Hamburg

Ole von Beust, (Former Mayor of Hamburg), Walter Häcki, (Senior Vice President Bosch Packaging Services), Matthias Zurfluh (CEO FAR EAST HUB by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING)



A project team exceeds all expectations
Best Practices in the Project-Team- and Key-User-Development at Karstadt Sports.
Key Note Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, i2s „Swiss Retail Technology Day”

M. Zurfluh

When do you go to China? – The right moment is now!
Sino-German Business Park of Pujiang / Chengdu – Opportunity, risk and entry strategies for your business in China.
„Asian-Pacific Area for Commerce (APAC)“ @ MUT 2015, SME enterprise day in Leipzig

M. Zurfluh



Virtual Conferences put to the test – Missed Quality and latent IT-Risk?
Whitepaper based on FNHW contract work
M. Zurfluh, M. Hold & S. Hegglin



Leadership while Peeling Potatos
Spielbar Swiss Edition, Rachov, A., Sauer, J. (Hrsg.), managerSeminare GmbH, p. 187-189
M. Zurfluh&  A. Gisler

Peeling with Bosses
Trainingaktuell – Die Zeitschrift für Trainer, Berater und Coachs, 23 (4), p. 22-24
M. Zurfluh& A. Gisler



Focus on Outcome and Progress in IT-Projects
Das ERP-Tagebuch, Scherer, E. (Hrsg.), intelligent systems solution GmbH, p. 50-51.
M. Zurfluh

Management Involvement in Major Projects
Das ERP-Tagebuch, Scherer, E. (Hrsg.), intelligent systems solution GmbH, p. 36-37
M. Zurfluh



Who Takes the Lead? – Management and Role Behavior in Team Work
Spielbar III, A. Rachov (Hrsg.), managerSeminare GmbH, p. 153-156 / 177-180
M. Zurfluh

We are what we eat
Forum for Sustainability in Business and Society,  Lenzburg, CH
Moderation: M. Zurfluh.

Change Management and Games
Continuing Education Degree, Hochschule Luzern, Luzern, CH
M. Zurfluh



Click in the Head – Games as Ways to Transfer Knowledge
Professional Knowledge Management, ERP Qualifizierung, Potsdam, DE
M. Zurfluh



Final Examinations in Organizational Communication
Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur, Winterthur, CH
M. Zurfluh & diverse Dozenten



Knowledge and Cooperation – Results of a D/A/CH Study
ewf lecture series, ETH Zurich, Zurich, CH
Dr. C. Marxt & M. Zurfluh



From ‘Loki Winterthur’ to Winpro AG
Technische Rundschau, 23, p. 32-34.
M. Zurfluh& M. Blass

Simulation-Game Supply Chain Management
Swiss Shippers Council: E-Business, Interlaken, CH
M. Zurfluh



Overcoming Barriers
Das Schweizer Human Ressource Management-Journal, 9, p. 26.
M. Zurfluh & R. Baumgartner

Discovering E-Business – Games as contribution for Strategic Development and Change
sapinfo.net, p. 88.
Dr. E. Scherer & M. Zurfluh

Understanding Value Chain Convergence in SCM
Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Cambridge, USA
M. Zurfluh & Dr. E. Scherer



Organizing the Handling of Knowledge
Planung und Produktion, 7, p. 14-17.
M. Zurfluh & D. Schaffner

changeBOX – Methods for Change in ERP Projects
i2s GmbH, Hotel Zürichberg, Zurich, CH
M. Zurfluh



Media and Identity – A Systems-Theoretical Perspective
Inter-University Colloquium, University ZurichZurich, CH
Dr. A. Gisler & M. Zurfluh