Loeschpack Piepenbrock Group

Listen to their CEO:

Andreas Graf, CEO LOESCHPACK, Piepenbrock Group

In the context of market globalization and the increasing demands of our globally acting clients, I initiated changes in the structure and process organization of LOESCHPACK. These changes were needed to guarantee our sustainable development and growth.

With the help of Z-PUNKT CONSULTING, we managed to kick-start the necessary change in the management team. The main challenge was to change the attitude of important stakeholders regarding LOESCHPACK and its future. Already after the first few workshops there were noticeable differences in the attitude and behavior towards a changing LOESCHPACK.


Basic Info LOESCHPACK, Piepenbrock Group

Industry: Mechanical Engineering, International
Employees: ca. 300
Branches: 4
Headquarters: Altendorf, Germany


Key Words

Topics and Methods: Strategy and Team Development, Change Management, Leadership Training
Context and Challenge: Leadership Change in Top Management, Old Structures and Routines, Increasingly Global Competition and Market Pressure.



Before its new CEO, LOESCHPACK, Piepenbrock Group (LOESCHPACK) had acted in a fairly stable context for an extended period of time. This fact was also reflected in the leadership style and organizational culture of the management team. With the new CEO, LOESCHPACK had the possibility to grow and develop beyond its usual market and the new leadership set goals for LOESCHPACK to become more future-oriented, dynamic and fit for global competition. Z-PUNKT CONSULTING was commissioned to kick-start this development by introducing new attitudes and behavioral patterns in LOESCHPACK’s top management.


Framework and Goals

  • The main goal was to help LOESCHPACK adjust to a globalized market and become, structurally and personally, more flexible.
  • This flexibility required extensive changes in the attitudes and behaviors of key players in the top management.



  • The necessary attitude and behavioral changes were induced through classic Change Management techniques and Z-PUNKT CONSULTING’s established Best Practice methods in Personnel Training (e.g. EDU© method).
  • Through a range of workshops, Z-PUNKT CONSULTING helped the LOESCHPACK managerial team to sustain the established Change Culture over several years.

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