Immobilienverwaltung Stadt Zürich

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Cornelia Mächler, Director Immobilien-Bewirtschaftung Zürich

We were facing a complex landscape of projects, including various IT- and re-organizational initiatives, that presented diverse dependencies and challenging interfaces. At a critical stage, we commissioned Z-PUNKT CONSULTING to review our project portfolio.

Thanks to a precise analysis by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING, the main challenges were correctly identified and their recommendations for ways to tackle them brought our projects back on the right track. In 2014, the last of these projects was completed successfully.


Basic Info Immobilien-Bewirtschaftung der Stadt Zürich

Industry: Realty Management, Public Administration, National
Employees: ca. 250
Branches: 1
Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland


Key Words

Topics and Methods: Project-Assessment, Organizational Analysis, Changeability und Change Impact Analysis, Project-Scoping und Project-Planning.
Context and Challenge: Multi-Project Management of long-term, complex IT- and re-organizational projects



The Immobilien-Bewirtschaftung of Zurich City (IMMO) was facing a complex landscape of projects with numerous dependencies and challenging interfaces. IMMO commissioned Z-PUNKT CONSULTING to gain an overview of the interlaced situation and to establish measures that would ultimately lead to the successful completion of all projects concerned.


Framework and Goals

  • The main task was to identify potential risks and stumbling blocks with detailed analyses for each of the projects, and to propose realizable counteractions.
  • Another, connected aim, was to analyze the overall organizational structure of IMMO. A Changeability Analysis revealed several organizational measures IMMO could take to facilitate the completion of the projects in time and budget.
  • Additionally, in the context of the re-launch of a large IT-Project, Z-PUNK CONSULTING supported IMMO with the project leader recruiting and the preparation of the re-launch.



  • The first step was to evaluate all projects regarding Vision, Scope, Structure, Staffing, Planning and Budget. This allowed the identification of the most important overlaps, possible synergies and weak points of the respective projects.
  • A range of Organizational and Change Analyses and investigations were conducted with roughly 40 internal parties across the IMMO hierarchy. The results of these efforts revealed to what degree the projects and the organization were compatible, and where additional action was needed to support the projects.
  • The results were concluded with detailed, recommended courses of action. One project was reorganized and restarted with Z-PUNKT CONSULTING’s support.
  • All concerned projects were successfully completed.

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