Bosch Packaging Services

Listen to their Senior Vice President:

Walter Häcki, Senior Vice President BOSCH Packaging Services

In our industry, the pressure to compete and the necessity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors to generate growth are extremely high. Because of global acquisitions over the last few years, we have grown on all continents. Accordingly, BOSCH Packaging Services AG is now a global company with a lot of regional differences and challenges – both cultural and structural. For the management team, It became increasingly important to create a common understanding and overview of the big picture and strategic goals. We needed an instrument to monitor the progress of our global strategy 2020, benchmark it and thereby make it visible and controllable.

We chose Z-PUNKT CONSULTING because of their interdisciplinary, analytic and methodic expertise. And because of their outstanding ability to design and implement projects in a dynamic context, with speed and structure.


Basic Info Bosch Packaging Services

Industry: Service and Spare Parts for Manufacturing Systems and Plant Engineering, International
Employees: > 750
Branches: > 10 Hubs and multiple Branches on all Continents
Headquarters: Beringen, Switzerland


Key Words

Topics and Methods: Operationalization and Analysis Design, Monitoring, Benchmarking and Steering of Global Strategies, Best Practices and Rapid Prototyping, Transformation and Change
Context and Challenge: Multinational Context and Cultural Diversity, Rapid Growth, Global Competition.


Background Project ‘Strategy Cockpit 2020’

BOSCH Packaging Services AG (BPS) is one of the world’s biggest players in their industry. Still, the pressure of competition and the necessity to differentiate themselves from their competitors to generate growth are extremely high. Because of global acquisitions, Bosch Packaging Services has grown substantially over the past few years. Today, Bosch Packaging Services is a global company with numerous regional differences and both cultural and structural challenges. This increased the necessity for the management team to create a common understanding and overview of the big picture of their strategic goals.

BPS formulated strategic goals they want to reach by 2020. At the core of these goals is the necessity to develop their self-concept from a technical company that is close to production towards a dynamic servicing company. By focusing on the following strategic streams, the already significant global position of Bosch Packaging Services should become furthered and solidified:

  • Regional Focus und Local Sensitivity
  • Attractive Products
  • New Business Models
  • Service Excellence

Because the management team is spread across the globe, there is a concrete need to regularly monitor and benchmark these streams in all hubs. Because of the global nature of Bosch Packaging Services, the analysis should be tool-based and work remotely.


Framework and Goals ‘Strategy Cockpit 2020’ Analysis Tool

  • The aim was to develop and pilot an analysis tool within a few weeks. The main purpose of the pilot was to generate insights for the final development of the analysis tool ‘Cockpit 2020’.
  • As a side effect, the results from the pilot should already be useful for the first internal strategy benchmark, and the steering of the strategic development in 2014.



  • Each strategic stream was operationalized and made measurable. To win time, the BPS-specific aspects were integrated into existing Z-PUNKT CONSULTING Best Practices via Rapid Prototyping.
  • After four weeks, the operationalization of the strategic streams and the customizing and extension of the Z-PUNKT CONSULTING standard tools were completed and the pilot was initiated.
  • The conclusions of the results serve as input for a second phase in which the tool ‘Cockpit 2020’ will be finalized so it can be remotely used, globally and regularly, by 2015.
  • In the future, Bosch Packaging Services will use ‘Cockpit 2020’ twice a year to monitor their global strategy development on all continents. The results will be analyzed and reviewed by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING. In parallel, selective, qualitative control interviews will be conducted. The respective insights will serve BPS to control their strategic development both globally and regionally.

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