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    360° MONITORING SUITE (MS-360)

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    Walter Häcki,
    former Senior Vice President Bosch Packing Services

    «The customized MS-360 enables the measurement, monitoring & visualization of the progress of organizational health and the global strategy.»

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We are ready for you. We have experience with the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, retail, and wholesale, or energy and finance in both the private and public sectors. Because of our broad engagement we are able to help you look beyond your own horizon. Our clients appreciate our analytical mindset, our pragmatism, and our customer focus – we are your enablers and the consultants you can trust.

Z-Punkt Consulting
Partner & Head BDO Abacus Schweiz Martin Bühler

“With the MS-360, we measure whether our management team pursues the common goals in the context of strategy implementation with one voice. With little effort, we obtain key figures for complementary qualitative issues.”

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Z-Punkt Consulting
CEO Beutlhauser-Group Oliver Sowa

“Digitization? Holistic, socio-technical approach? – Z-PUNKT CONSULTING supported us in bringing our organization and our employees closer and more sustainably to the SAP project.”

Head of Organizational Development Beutlhauser-Gruppe Dr. Antje Wittig

“Z-PUNKT CONSULTING provided professional support for our digital transformation.
The main success factors were the broad experience, the variety of templates, and the holistic view of IT/SAP and organization.”

Head HR Beutlhauser-Group Maximiliane Preiß

“Z-PUNKT CONSULTING supports us within the Beutlhauser Academy specifically in leadership development. At its core, it is about participants seeing their tasks from a systemic perspective, because leaders are people persons and create the framework conditions for meaningful and organized work.”

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Bosch Packaging Services
Former Senior Vice President Walter Häcki

“We chose Z-PUNKT CONSULTING because of their interdisciplinary, analytic, and methodic expertise. And because of their outstanding ability to design and implement projects in a dynamic context, with speed and structure.”

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Director, Chengdu Economic and Information Committee Shi Yuehua

“The FEH by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING helps us to find the right companies for a sustainable business relationship. The Certification is an indicator for us that the potential European Investors have a realistic chance to grow their business in China successfully.”

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Director Marcel Frei

“Within a short amount of time, the Z-PUNKT consultants identified various areas where interventions were needed. Instrumental to their success was their holistic assessment of the situation, the participative component and the speed at which they conducted their initial investigation and follow-up analyses.”

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Loeschpack Piepenbrock
CEO Andreas Graf

“With the help of Z-PUNKT CONSULTING, we managed to kick-start the necessary change in the management team. The main challenge was to change the attitude of important stakeholders regarding LOESCHPACK and its future. Already after the first few workshops there were noticeable differences in the attitude and behavior towards a changing LOESCHPACK.”

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Z-Punkt Consulting

Executive Vice President Marketing Metrohm Markus Steinke

“Do our digital workplace and our leadership culture fit together? Since piloting our digital collaboration tool, has there been any change among stakeholders? Are there differences between stakeholder groups? – The MWC Dashboard shows us trends and progress.”

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Z-Punkt Consulting

CEO & Partner MondayCoffee AG Reto Meneghini

“The MS-360 by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING GmbH is a 100% web-based and user-friendly leadership tool. Especially in our dynamic situation, it enables us to have a continuous and shared view on the development of our company – anytime and anywhere.”

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CEO SAMA Maschinenbau GmbH Andreas Graf

“With the OCG I can get my management team to critically monitor trends and the achievement of our yearly objectives. I can also show my stakeholders at the group level that as a subsidiary we are proactively working on our development.”

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Immobilienbewirtschaftung Stadt Zuerich
Director Cornelia Mächler

“Thanks to a precise analysis by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING, the main challenges were correctly identified and their recommendations for ways to tackle these challenges brought our projects back on the right track.”

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Immobilienbewirtschaftung Stadt Zuerich
CFO & Member of the Executive Board wirth+co ag Adrian Steinmann

“An owner-managed SME like us needs external consultants with expertise and experience to bring projects pragmatically to the finish line. Z-PUNKT CONSULTING has decisively advanced us in areas such as organizational and process analysis or solution evaluation.”

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Our business is a matter of trust. That is why we are reserved with our projects and clients. Upon Request we are more than happy to provide you with a detailed portfolio of projects and references.