100% web-based and user friendly leadership tool for Digital Workplace

100% web-based and user friendly leadership tool for Digital Workplace

Anmerkung 2020-04-16 162351

The Corona crisis accelerates the existing development towards the Modern Workplace or Digital Workplace. Even if sooner or later more onsite work will be done again – the level of remote-based collaboration will be higher after Corona than before. For executives, this means an increase in complexity: How can the “heartbeat” of my management team or organization be measured when onsite interaction is limited, when colleagues are working from home or on business trips? The answer? – Implementation of the web-based Leadership Cockpit “OCG” for the 360-degree monitoring of your organizational fitness.

The Organizational Cardiogram (OCG) by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING is a web-based early warning and control system to allow you to keep on top of the daily flood of figures, data and KPIs. With the OCG, you can focus effectively on your management tasks and proactively monitor and control your organization.

Do you want to know how your organization is doing? What about performance? How well is customer orientation established? How agile is your organization? With the “OCG”, companies receive a management cockpit that shows the strengths, but also the “hot spots” of their own organization through a 360° analysis. The dashboard allows the visualization and monitoring of the organization in dimensions such as leadership, strategy, culture, customer orientation, operational excellence and compliance.