Efficient Monitoring with OCG by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING

Efficient Monitoring with OCG by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING

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Are you agile and able to change? Compliant and strategically on course? – The OCG gives you perspective!

In the context of ever-changing markets and the competition for highly qualified staff, as well as the backdrop of countless KPIs or increased globalisation of legal matters, you are well advised to have a good overview of your organization. Just like with regular health check-ups it’s better to not wait for the critical diagnosis “cancer” just to have to deal with painful and cost-intensive measures. To recognize the increased “risk for cancer” on time – with an early warning system – allows you to react proactively.

We have successfully used our Organizational Cardigraph (OCG by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING) with our clients since 2013. Over these 7 years we confirmed: If you have management responsibilities you need a 360-degree Cockpit and an overarching Dashboard to monitor the condition and developmental trends of your organization. We see a big market potential for our tool and will continue to invest in its Research & Development in 2019

Picture based on OCG Data of a Public Company with several 100s employees and about 10 locations

We developed a custom solution based on the standard OCG for Bosch Packaging Services AG to help them monitor their global strategy 2020.

Former Senior Vice President Walter Häcki:

In our industry, the pressure to compete and the necessity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors to generate growth are extremely high. Because of global acquisitions over the last few years, we have grown on all continents. Accordingly, BOSCH Packaging Services AG is now a global company with a lot of regional differences and challenges – both cultural and structural. For the management team, It became increasingly important to create a common understanding and overview of the big picture and strategic goals. We needed an instrument to monitor the progress of our global strategy 2020, benchmark it and thereby make it visible and controllable. The OCG by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING is exactly the instrument we needed.

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