Change Management

Change Management

Significant change can be disorienting for employees: For business leaders responsible for managing change it is therefore crucial to avoid disconnects with staff when an organization is going through a period of transition. As experts in change management, we at Z-PUNKT deliver #ChangeManagementTipsbyZPUNKT to guide business owners and people in leadership positions.

How do you help your employees cope with change?
👉 Don’t try to change employee behaviors or work culture directly.
👉 Optimize specific structural framework conditions.
👉 Create organizational structures, processes and tasks that fit together and enable personal responsibility and a sense of purpose.
👉 Ensure that the digital infrastructure enables modern working.
👉 Don’t talk about values without creating structural facts.
👉 And above all: set a good example and start with yourself wherever possible; this creates credibility and trust.
Behavior and culture cannot be programmed directly – they emerge indirectly as a function of context.

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Knowledge sharing and knowledge management

knowledge sharing and knowledge managemen

Today, we stumbled across this 20-year-old article from the magazine “Planung und Produktion”, written by our CEO Matthias Zurfluh 马腾 and Dorothea Schaffner about knowledge sharing and knowledge management.
And what should we say? While the technological aspect of digitization has evolved since 2000, the basic insights of this article on knowledge management are still valid today – especially with regard to the interdependence of leadership structures, lived culture and technical tools. What do you think of this quote?

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Chinese culture

Chinese culture

We are experts on doing business with China and provide you with tips on Chinese culture. 🇨🇳

Did you know that the Chinese have a high respect for authority dating back centuries? One of the rituals that stems from this tradition is to enter the room in hierarchical order. Follow their practice with your own teammates as you enter the room! The person with the highest level of seniority should go in first, followed by the next highest-ranking individual in consecutive order.

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Change management tips

change management tips

Change processes are exhausting – especially for management. Because change can neither be prescribed, nor achieved simply through communication. So, what can be done?

👉 Management itself must want the change and start from within – including possible consequences.
👉 Management must understand that employees don’t embrace change through courses or feel-good programs, but through the power of meaning.
👉 This means that management must create framework conditions that generally enable a change culture and align these conditions with specific transformation triggers (e.g., digitization projects, mergers, etc.) that require change.
👉 If this process can be designed in a way that makes change possible (e.g. leadership structures, trust, responsibility, empathy, elimination of silos etc.), employees will find a meaning in it autonomously and eventually be willing to further develop alongside the organization.
👉 If all of this works together as described, a change culture can emerge.
Note: Culture cannot be managed in a direct way. But it can emerge in indirect way under the right circumstances.

More change management tips: #ChangeManagementTipsbyZPUNKT

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Metrohm, an internationally active Swiss manufacturer of precision equipment for chemical analysis, relies on Microsoft 365 and the collaboration solution CoffeeNet 365 from MondayCoffee to digitize its internal collaboration.
Yet the digital workplace is only one aspect of digital transformation and modern work: Do the management structures fit flat hierarchies and agile methods? Are employees trained on the new tools? Is there a culture of trust that enables the elimination of departmental silos and knowledge sharing?
As part of the pilot, Metrohm used the Modern Work Cardiogram on the 360° Monitoring Suite (MS-360) from Z-PUNKT CONSULTING in collaboration with MondayCoffee, to keep an eye on this holistic variety of topics.


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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

On this special day, we want to introduce Myriam Felix to you: She is our Quality Manager and a member of the Z-PUNKT team since January 2019, responsible for topics such as quality, standards, methodology and trainings.
Just like the rest at Z-PUNKT, Myriam is convinced that diverse teams develop an organization most sustainably. We are lucky and thrilled to have her on board. Happy International Women’s Day to you, Myriam, and to all women out there!

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User experience

User Experience

One of the important goals of #DigitalTransformation is user experience!
🔛 So when you wanna conquer the digital age, focus on your costumer’s needs and the user journey. Map out the entire customer journey, and then determine how going digital can make each touchpoint an improved and more efficient experience.

Last but not least: Digital tools are only aids – the fundamentals of sustainable customer value and economic success are based on your structures, processes and culture.

By the way: By clicking the hashtag #DigitalTransformationTipsbyZPUNKT you can get an overview of all of our input on digital transformation!

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360° Monitoring Suite

360° Monitoring Suite

How do I measure and visualize whether my cross-regionally distributed team pursues the common goal of the company?
BDO Abacus Schweiz uses our MS-360 software (360° Monitoring Suite) to monitor their company’s fitness. 🏋

Thanks for the previous trust Martin Bühler (former Head of BDO Abacus Switzerland) and for the recently confirmed trust Reto Kälin (current Head of BDO Abacus Switzerland).

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Leadership Training

Leadership Training

We are excited! 🎉 This year, our managing partner Matthias Zurfluh 马腾 will be offering three trainings on leadership at the academy of Beutlhauser-Gruppe.
Yesterday, we started with the digital annual kick-off event. Thanks to everyone for the great input!

More about Beutlhauser Akademie and the trainings they offer: Link