Merger between TEDA and the central business district

The BDO Abacus Forum 2018 on “Digital Generation”

BDO Abacus Forum 2018

Matthias Zurfluh opens the BDO Abacus Forum 2018

Matthias Zurfluh (CEO & Managing Partner Z-PUNKT CONSULTING GmbH) is a Keynote Speaker and participant of the panel dicsussion about “generation and digitalization” at the BDO Abacus Forum 2018.

Matthias Zurfluh opens the forum with his thoughts about the Digital Generation – are they millenial over-achievers and multitaskers or are they overrated but adaptive youngsters ?

Everyone thinks young people understand what’s new. But in reality, people overestimate Millenials. Including they themselves.
– Jovin Barrer, Digital Native,
translated from German

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Happy Chinese New Year

Erde Hund

We wish you joy and good luck in the year of the earth dog

The year of the earth dog is about loyalty, conscientiousness, and honesty. The sign of the dog scores with a distinct sense of responsibility. We think this fits rather nicely with our high customer satisfaction ratings over the last few years. We are looking forward to another year of providing active support to our customers and partners.
Happy new year and our best wishes,

Digitalization – C-Level Titles, Foosball and seat cushions are not enough


Matthias Zurfluh and Thomas Pyschny in a conversation with Hans-Jürgen Klesse

Everyone is talking about Digitalization but few organizations have actually implemented this complicated topic. One of the deciding factors for a successful reorganization is the willingness to change – and accepting that Digitalization requires diligent and hard analogue work too. Continue Reading →

Good Luck in the Year of the Fire Rooster

Fire Rooster

Dear Friends and Business Partners,

January 28th marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year which means we will live under the auspices of the Fire Rooster. The Fire Rooster is direct, strong-minded, determined and knows how to organize. He is also proud and value-oriented. For the new year this generally means that great expectations have great chances. Busy times are ahead. Effort will be rewarded and success is achievable. But you should be careful to not overexert yourself in the frenzy. Continue Reading →

Switzerland-China: not only in Bern and Davos

TEDA Comission at FEH Offices

Our new Cooperation Partner on a visit in Zurich.

The Chinese President Xi Jingping’s state visit in Berna and Davos is significant for both national economies – especially in the context of the current global political developments. It was all the more an honor for the Z-PUNKT CONSULTING Team that Mr. Jia Shouyue – Vice Chairman of the TEDA commission – visited us at our offices in Zurich right after the WEF in Davos. Continue Reading →

Digitalization with Analogue Consequences


Is Digitalization just a buzz word or is it a strategy?

Are topics like Big Data and Industry 4.0 only a hype, serious topics for business development or all-encompassing reality? And is the digital divide between digital natives and digital immigrants a myth or a real challenge for change management? Continue Reading →

Bridgebuilder FAR EAST HUB


The FEH at the “Chinaforum Baden-Württemberg” and the expert panel “New Silk Road” in Stuttgart.

Does China affect me? Do I have a strategy? Do I know why I participate or why I’m isolating myself? What is the right way to deal with the factor China as an organization? The FEH presentation “Proactive or reactive, risk or opportunity? – European SMEs and the China-challenge” addressed some of the core questions of German SMEs regarding China and Asia. Continue Reading →