Same company, different focus: Ole von Beust has found a new field of activity within Z-PUNKT. We are happy to announce that Ole will join our MS-360 team as a promoter of our management early warning system.

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Hiring Senior Consultant

Our 360° Monitoring Suite MS-360, a product-based digital consulting service, is growing rapidly. Especially in times of remote working our customers benefit from the fact that our MS-360 is built on Microsoft 365 technology and is web-based – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY DEVICE!

You want to get involved and help shape the future? You are smart, analytical and empathic?

– We are looking for you as Senior Consultant and Business Partner

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We are hiring!

Z-Punkt - We are Hiring

Our 360° Monitoring Suite MS-360, a product-based digital consulting service, is growing rapidly. Especially in times of remote working our customers benefit from the fact that our MS-360 is built on Microsoft 365 technology and is web-based – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY DEVICE!

For support we are looking for two to three:
Junior Business Analysts (part time)

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100% web-based and user friendly leadership tool for Digital Workplace

Anmerkung 2020-04-16 162351

The Corona crisis accelerates the existing development towards the Modern Workplace or Digital Workplace. Even if sooner or later more onsite work will be done again – the level of remote-based collaboration will be higher after Corona than before. For executives, this means an increase in complexity: How can the “heartbeat” of my management team or organization be measured when onsite interaction is limited, when colleagues are working from home or on business trips? The answer? – Implementation of the web-based Leadership Cockpit “OCG” for the 360-degree monitoring of your organizational fitness. Continue Reading →


Chongqing SSTP

One year after the opening of the SSTP (Sino Swiss Techno Park) in Chongqing, the second iteration of the SINO-SWISS BUSINESS INCUBATION COMPETITION took place in the beginning of December 2019. Z-PUNKT CONSULTING is proud to have been a strategic partner alongside companies and organizations such as PWC, VISCHER, Fenshare Holding, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce or the canton of Zurich. Continue Reading →

Innovation and development potential of Swiss SMEs

Bild CH KMU Blog

SMEs don’t have to hide, at least in the recent past and the present. With regards to the future, more agility and a braver “gene-pool renewal” would be appropriate. Because: success and development curves naturally fall over time if no one countersteers. The same conclusions also apply largely to the big brother, German SMEs. Continue Reading →

A piece of Zurich in the Mega-City Chongqing

IMG_1349[1] (2)

The FAR EAST HUB Business Park Portfolio by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING continues to grow

It’s been a few years. A delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs visited Zurich and the Technopark specifically. The concept seemed to be convincing and last winter, on 14 December 2018, the time had come. The privately financed SinoSwiss Technopark in Chongqing was officially opened – and Z-PUNKT CONSULTING was among the guests of honour.
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Efficient Monitoring with OCG by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING

OKG Blog Bild

Are you agile and able to change? Compliant and strategically on course? – The OCG gives you perspective!

In the context of ever-changing markets and the competition for highly qualified staff, as well as the backdrop of countless KPIs or increased globalisation of legal matters, you are well advised to have a good overview of your organization. Just like with regular health check-ups it’s better to not wait for the critical diagnosis “cancer” just to have to deal with painful and cost-intensive measures. To recognize the increased “risk for cancer” on time – with an early warning system – allows you to react proactively.
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Happy Chinese New Year

Year of the Pig

Die Z-PUNKT CONSULTING wünscht euch ein erfolgreiches Jahr des Schweines voller Glück und Fröhlichkeit!

Z-PUNKT CONSULTING wishes you good luck and happiness in the Year of Pig and that everything goes as desired!

Z-PUNKT CONSULTING 祝您在猪年诸事顺利,诸事如意,诸事开心!