Many things have come and many have disappeared. Some things have changed, but we have been in the market since March 2003!

Actually, we almost didn’t notice. Fortunately, many of you congratulated our Managing Partner and Founder Matthias Zurfluh 马腾 on 19 years with us🍾. But we certainly won’t forget what is ahead next year:
In our upcoming 2022 team offsite, we will take some time to think about how to celebrate 20 years Z-PUNKT CONSULTING in style😊.

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A warm welcome goes out today to our new Business Analyst, Oguzhan Karagözoglu (オザン・カラゲゾール) 👏

Ozan’s key experiences include positions in product and project management, digital marketing, and customer service. He is currently completing his MA in Organizational Communication at the ZHAW.
We are happy and proud to have him on board the Z-PUNKT CONSULTING team with his excellent skills in communication, problem-solving, and analysis.

Get to know our team:

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Chinese New Year


For the Chinese, the New Year is the most important holiday, and it is celebrated with the family. Traditions are very different in North and South China, but a banquet, firecrackers, and CCTV New Year’s Gala are an essential part of each celebration 🎉🎊.

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Replacing an employee can cost a company twice its annual salary. In the case of highly qualified employees, the loss can even have a significant impact on the company’s net profit.

But how do you keep the turnover rate in your company low? It is particularly important for the management level to regularly get a picture of what is currently on the employees’ minds and how the general mood is. Especially in dispersed organizations, it is often too late to react once the first employees hand in their notice. Therefore, it is important to make the invisible part of the organization visible.

And this can be done easily and efficiently with the support of #MS360:

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Digital Leadership


We are now a proud member of the Swico – Verband der Digitalisierer. Swico represents the interests of over 650 established companies and start-ups from the ICT and online industry in politics, business, and society – and we are very excited to get involved in the network. We also look forward to a lively exchange of ideas within the association, gaining better insights thanks to specific studies, and to attending engaging events!

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Whether growth or re-dimensioning – the optimal degree of differentiation of an organization changes with its size. A short time ago, many things could be managed by spontaneous communication across the table. Above a certain size, specific framework conditions are required in the building and space structure, in the infrastructure, and in the regulations for communication and collaboration. Last but not least, more management levels and a more conscious understanding of leadership are needed:
✔️ To lead means to trust, to serve, and to create meaning and conditions!
✔️ Leadership means being a host and activating intrinsic motivation in employees!
✔️To lead means to know oneself, to persistently explain the way, and to be a role model!

We are proud to coach the leadership team at Reidl GmbH & Co. KG

Find additional information and customer testimonials on our homepage:

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We are hiring!


Unsere Boutique-Managementberatung ist seit über 18 Jahren am Markt und unterstützt mittelständische und große Unternehmen in Veränderungs- und Transformationsprozessen. Gerade in Zeiten von Remote Working profitieren unsere Kunden vermehrt davon, dass unser digitales Beratungsprodukt MS-360 auf Microsoft 365 Technologie aufbaut und vollständig webbasiert ist – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY DEVICE! 

Du willst dich einbringen und die Zukunft mitgestalten? Du bist smart, kreativ und empathisch? 

Wir suchen Dich als Junior Project Management Officer (w/m/d) als Werkstudent*in in Teilzeit. 

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Anyone involved in digitization and organizational development knows that people, technology, and organization are interdependent. But very few managers act accordingly. Digitization often means buying IT applications and delegating the transformation downwards. No wonder so many IT implementations fail to deliver satisfactory results despite the enormous effort.
The Beutlhauser-Gruppe is taking a different approach. Oliver Sowa as a sponsor and Dr. Antje Wittig as a project manager has shown in the successful SAP project at Beutlhauser what it means to do a digital project:

✔ Understanding the market, customers, and one’s own value creation
✔ Optimizing processes, organizational structures, and data
✔ Creating framework conditions so that employees can work in a meaningful way

We are very proud to be able to support the digital “Beutlhauser-Weg” together with other partners (e.g. proaxia und FIS).

Find additional information and customer testimonials on our homepage:

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MS-360 by Z-PUNKT


Making „gut feeling“ visible – a complementary look with 360-degree monitoring MS-360 🔍

Today, we can measure so many things. And far too often, we rely only on these numbers. An example from our customer practice shows that sometimes this is not enough:
🌫 The sales manager of a German plant manufacturer is a little worried. After thinking about it for a short while, he comes to the conclusion that it has to do with the fact that he has seen an unusually large number of cars driven by sales representatives in the parking lot lately.
✔ A quick glance at the positive sales figures, however, makes him suppress his uneasy feeling.
About half a year later, sales have dropped sharply. The sales manager now remembers his vague gut feeling and wonders why he didn’t react back then.

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