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Busines Games


We got to play again last week – as part of a leadership workshop! 🎲

Glossy slides and polished concepts for hip transformation topics are all very nice. But how do you get teams not just to „nod“ but to grasp something in the truest sense of the word?

It’s simple: let the teams play. Whether role-playing or simulation or planning games – by experiencing and doing things together, the perception and memory of the participants is stimulated. By means of business games, topics such as change, optimization or end-to-end process thinking and many more can be made tangible. 🎭

This insight is not new. Many decades ago, „Management Flight Simulators“ were developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

At Z-PUNKT CONSULTING, we have been developing and using business games in the context of organizational and leadership development and in the context of digital transformation projects for two decades. Why?

1 It is fun for the customer teams!
2 The impact regarding further concrete activities after the trainings is sustainable!

Classic phases of business games:
👉 Implementation 1st round: Traditional organization
👉 Reflection and optimization
👉 Implementation 2nd round: optimized organization
👉 Debriefing – reflection and learning phase

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To deliver more successful business IT projects than your competitors, you need to take a technocentric view and adopt a holistic consulting perspective and mindset. When you say #digitalization, you mean #leadership, culture, people, organization, and processes.

Our customer BDO Abacus worked with us to develop an internal training and workshop program called „Consulting in the Driver Seat” to move their team to a more holistic perspective on consulting. The participants were very engaged and contributed ideas and topics for further optimization – a big thank you to the entire team of consultants and developers for the great contribution.

After successfully completing the workshop series, we held the closing meeting with BDO Abacus’ management team. It is now time to look at the topics collected during the workshops and identify suitable strategies to introduce and apply in day-to-day business.

Many thanks to our sponsors – Reto Kälin, Ivo Daniel, Marcel Schibler, and Cedric Racine – for the excellent collaboration. It was great to develop the training with you and to work with highly motivated participants throughout the workshops.

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Team Building

team building 4.20

The beautiful Black Forest and the amazing Hotel Fritz Lauterbad set the perfect scene for our 2022 Offsite. The superb location gave us the opportunity to hold a productive workshop. But apart from work, we were also able to dedicate enough time for relaxation and sports.

Some of us hit the trails that start right in front of the hotel; others enjoyed the gym, sauna, and steam bath in the hotel’s lovely spa area. And the fantastic pool was used extensively – an ideal way to cool off in the glorious weather we enjoyed.
Our offsite was a great experience. It was such a pleasure to meet everyone and so important that the whole team could get together, sit at a table, enjoy delicious food, and laugh together. In the meeting room, our discussions greatly benefitted from the pleasant atmosphere – it was great fun and so valuable to all of us.

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Training And Development


👉 Live from the training session: Our Managing Partner Matthias Zurfluh 马腾 in action. It’s great to hold yet another leadership workshop for our customers.

➕ In addition to our ‘traditional’ core topics of transformation and digitization, we have been able to constantly expand our training and development business over the last few years. Accordingly, our team includes experienced trainers and training experts like Hatem Azzam, MBA, Sylvie Wüthrich, and Myriam Felix. We are delighted to be increasingly active in the area of HR and leadership development.

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Strategy Day


Last week, our team members Matthias Zurfluh 马腾 and Oguzhan Karagözoglu (オザン・カラゲゾール) were privileged to lead an exciting workshop for the management team of #RotzingerPharmaPack 👔. Thank you for your trust and commitment – and congratulations on the concrete results 🎉🎊. We are proud to be able to work with people and companies that invest so much power, passion, and expertise 🍀.
As part of the ROTZINGER Group, ROTZINGER PharmaPack GmbH is a global player in the field of pharmaceutical cartooning and track& trace business. Its portfolio ranges from cartooning machines (for vials, ampules, syringes, insulin pens, pouches, blisters, and bottles for cough syrup and cosmetics) to serialization and aggregation solutions for tracking and tracing the packed products ⚫️🔴🔵.
More details:

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Many things have come and many have disappeared. Some things have changed, but we have been in the market since March 2003!

Actually, we almost didn’t notice. Fortunately, many of you congratulated our Managing Partner and Founder Matthias Zurfluh 马腾 on 19 years with us🍾. But we certainly won’t forget what is ahead next year:
In our upcoming 2022 team offsite, we will take some time to think about how to celebrate 20 years Z-PUNKT CONSULTING in style😊.

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Chongqing SSTP

Ein Jahr nach der Eröffnung des SSTP (Sino Swiss Techno Park) in Chongqing fand Anfang Dezember 2019 zum zweiten Mal die SINO-SWISS BUSINESS INCUBATION COMPETITION statt. Z-PUNKT CONSULTING ist stolz darauf, zusammen mit Firmen und Organisationen wie z.B. PWC, VISCHER, Fenshare Holding, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce oder dem Kanton Zürich strategischer Partner des Anlasses gewesen zu sein. Weiterlesen →

Happy Chinese New Year

Year of the Pig

Die Z-PUNKT CONSULTING wünscht euch ein erfolgreiches Jahr des Schweines voller Glück und Fröhlichkeit!

Z-PUNKT CONSULTING wishes you good luck and happiness in the Year of Pig and that everything goes as desired!

Z-PUNKT CONSULTING 祝您在猪年诸事顺利,诸事如意,诸事开心!

Chinese-Swiss High-Tech Summit

High-Tech Connect Suisse

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein!

Wie freuen uns Sie zum ersten Chinese-Swiss High-Tech Summit einladen zu können. Der Event wir durch High-Tech Connect Suisse organisiert und durchgeführt und findet am 6. November in Zürich statt. Wir sind stolz darauf an diesem top-class Event nebst Speakern von u.A. Bühler Group, ETH Zürich, Logitech, SoftBank Robotics, Yuneec mitzuwirken.
Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung


Digital Generation am BDO Abacus Forum 2018

BDO Abacus Forum 2018

Matthias Zurfluh leitet das BDO Abacus Forum 2018 ein

Matthias Zurfluh (CEO & Managing Partner Z-PUNKT CONSULTING GmbH) als Keynote Speaker und Teilnehmer der Podiumsdiskussion am BDO Abacus Forum 2018 mit dem Fokus auf Generation und Digitalisierung.

Matthias Zurfluh leitet das Forum ein mit Gedanken zum Thema Digital Generation – Jahrtausend-Überflieger und Multitasker oder überschätzte aber lernfähige Youngsters?

„Alle denken, die Jungen würden das Neue verstehen. Doch in Tat und Wahrheit überschätzt man die Jahrtausend-Überflieger enorm. Und sie sich selber auch.“
– Jovin Barrer, Digital Native,

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