Busines Games


We got to play again last week – as part of a leadership workshop! 🎲

Glossy slides and polished concepts for hip transformation topics are all very nice. But how do you get teams not just to „nod“ but to grasp something in the truest sense of the word?

It’s simple: let the teams play. Whether role-playing or simulation or planning games – by experiencing and doing things together, the perception and memory of the participants is stimulated. By means of business games, topics such as change, optimization or end-to-end process thinking and many more can be made tangible. 🎭

This insight is not new. Many decades ago, „Management Flight Simulators“ were developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

At Z-PUNKT CONSULTING, we have been developing and using business games in the context of organizational and leadership development and in the context of digital transformation projects for two decades. Why?

1 It is fun for the customer teams!
2 The impact regarding further concrete activities after the trainings is sustainable!

Classic phases of business games:
👉 Implementation 1st round: Traditional organization
👉 Reflection and optimization
👉 Implementation 2nd round: optimized organization
👉 Debriefing – reflection and learning phase

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