Anyone involved in digitization and organizational development knows that people, technology, and organization are interdependent. But very few managers act accordingly. Digitization often means buying IT applications and delegating the transformation downwards. No wonder so many IT implementations fail to deliver satisfactory results despite the enormous effort.
The Beutlhauser-Gruppe is taking a different approach. Oliver Sowa as a sponsor and Dr. Antje Wittig as a project manager has shown in the successful SAP project at Beutlhauser what it means to do a digital project:

✔ Understanding the market, customers, and one’s own value creation
✔ Optimizing processes, organizational structures, and data
✔ Creating framework conditions so that employees can work in a meaningful way

We are very proud to be able to support the digital “Beutlhauser-Weg” together with other partners (e.g. proaxia und FIS).

Find additional information and customer testimonials on our homepage: https://lnkd.in/ejDMSGj2

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