Change management tips

change management tips

Change processes are exhausting – especially for management. Because change can neither be prescribed, nor achieved simply through communication. So, what can be done?

👉 Management itself must want the change and start from within – including possible consequences.
👉 Management must understand that employees don’t embrace change through courses or feel-good programs, but through the power of meaning.
👉 This means that management must create framework conditions that generally enable a change culture and align these conditions with specific transformation triggers (e.g., digitization projects, mergers, etc.) that require change.
👉 If this process can be designed in a way that makes change possible (e.g. leadership structures, trust, responsibility, empathy, elimination of silos etc.), employees will find a meaning in it autonomously and eventually be willing to further develop alongside the organization.
👉 If all of this works together as described, a change culture can emerge.
Note: Culture cannot be managed in a direct way. But it can emerge in indirect way under the right circumstances.

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