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The FAR EAST HUB (FEH) was jointly developed by Z-PUNKT CONSULTING, Chinese authorities and European companies with experience in China. It serves as a bridge-builder between the European and Chinese markets. FEH clients benefit from Best Practices, local networks und intercultural Know-how in both markets. You reduce probing-, negotiation and realizaton-time, minimize costs and risks and maximize your chances for success.

For Companies

Previous to expanding, the FEH assesses companies’ potential and gaps as well as the situation and potential of the respective target market in Europe or China. Targeted measures along the FEH Quality Gate approach increase the chances of a sustainable and successful establishment in the new target market.

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For Investors

The FEH supports Investors with their M&A activities in Europe and China. If franchising, mergers, acquisitions or spin-offs, our team accompanies potential investors and their acquisition targets with every step. From the evaluation of the acquisition targets to the operational ‘going live’ in new conditions.

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Successful Europe-China and China-Europe activities are based on experience, methods and local networks and know-how. The FEH is widely connected in the European DACH-area and China. Of course in the economy, but also in areas like research and development or politics and business associations.

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